Sunday, August 31, 2008

Schedule (mostly) Confirmed

Sorry for the radio silence. I've been hunkering down in prep for the festival and haven't had a chance to write anything. My schedule got confirmed yesterday afternoon, and it was mostly a success. I did miss out on two screenings--Thursday evening's Tony Manero screening and the screening of At the Edge of the World--which are weird misses, if you ask me (I expected to lose Ashes of Time or The Brothers Bloom, not those two). Anyway, here's my schedule, at least until I find some alternates to shore it up:

Edison and Leo - 7:45 PM
JCVD - 11:59 PM

A Film with Me In It - 2:15 PM
Detroit Metal City - 11:59 PM

Sauna - 12:30 PM
Vinyan - 3:15 PM
Pontypool - 8:00 PM
Deadgirl - 11:59 PM

Wendy & Lucy - 12:45 PM
Mavericks: The People Speak - 6:30 PM

Hunger - 9:00 AM
Ashes of Time Redux - 3:15 PM

Genova - 11:45 AM
Birdsong - 5:00 PM
The Brothers Bloom - 9:00 PM

La Silence de Lorna - 9:45 AM
Un conte de Noel - 12:00 PM
Plastic City - 4:45 PM
Tears for Sale - 9:15 PM

Gomorrah - 9:00 AM
Synechdoche, New York - 12:15 PM
Les Plages d'Agnes - 6:15 PM
35 Rhums - 9:15 PM

Che - 9:00 AM
Tokyo Sonata - 2:15 PM
Parc - 7:30 PM

Achilles and the Tortoise - 9:00 AM
The Sky Crawlers - 12:15 PM

I like my list quite a bit this year, gaps and all. It feels like I've finally hit the proper balance between my serious side and my thrill-seeking side, which is always a challenge for me. I've still got some weirdo midnights in there, but I'm also looking forward to stuff like Wendy & Lucy, which sounds like an incredible movie.

That's it for now. If anybody has some recommendations on what I could use my two extra vouchers on, feel free to pass it along. In the meantime, I've got some packing and preparations to attend to.

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abishop said...

I'm glad to see i'm not the only one who thinks that making it from 4-point-whatever hours of Che over to Tokyo Sonata is a decent idea. At least seats at the AMC are comfier than the Ryerson.

Thanks for the tips on the blog. One of the many good sources of info in this somewhat weak festival year.