Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Delays for Rescue Dawn?

Just a quick post on a potentially distressing subject: It's been rumored that Herzog's Rescue Dawn might not make its scheduled premiere this Saturday. It seems Herzog attended last weekend's Telluride Festival empty-handed, though he had intended to present Rescue Dawn. The problem? Not enough money to pay the labs for the print. This is just one more setback in a pile of setbacks for this film. Production woes, the firing of Herzog's key personnel, actors and crew members not getting paid, and now this--this film has been a world of trouble for everyone involved.

I'd say there's little chance it won't make it to Toronto, but I've never had much skill in parsing the Hollywood rumor mill, so it's anyone's guess. Question for those in the know: If the film doesn't show up, how does that work? Will we find out in enough time or does this tend to drag to the last minute? Curious minds would like to know...

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