Tuesday, August 08, 2006

20 More Films Announced

Back on track, I present to you 20 more films announced today. They are:
Shameful confession time: though I've been intrigued for many years, I have yet to watch a Hal Hartley film. Or a Hirokazu Kore-eda. Just two of the many blind spots I'll be confessing through the festival season. They have their rabid supporters, but I'm totally out of the loop. The films themselves sound interesting, though it does mean I've gotta Netflix Henry Fool.

The rest is the usual hodgepodge, calculated to appeal to every conceivable audience, from horror fans (The Last Winter) to lovers of serious drama (I Am the Other Woman) and beyond. Of the listed, I'm most curious about Kore-eda's samurai film, Herzog's latest drama, and Waiter, which appears to be an odd surrealist comedy.

Anyway, I'm caught up and on track once again. Now let me get around to some of those posts I've been blabbing about since the beginning of this thing...

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