Saturday, August 05, 2006

Canadian Titles Announced (Three Weeks Ago!)

The Canadian titles were announced a few weeks ago and in the interest of doggedly pursuing silly, pointless minutiae, I've listed them below. Note: I haven't linked to the Canadian retrospective titles or the short films. They may be wonderful, but my time is limited and I have a feeling yours is too.

Of these, the Guy Maddin is definitely the most interesting. A silent film, presented with live foley and music? It's bound to be sell out, but that won't keep me from trying. Of the rest, I've heard interesting stuff about Everything's Gone Green, Fido has zombies, and a handful of other films here have interesting premises. I didn't catch any Canadian films last year, but this year's crop might be intriguing.

As always, feel free to throw out a comment, especially if you've heard anything interesting about these or any other films. It's all appreciated.

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