Monday, August 07, 2006

Discovery Programme Announcements

One more stop on this pointless endeavor (for now). And yes, it is quite pointless, since other places are doing a better, more efficient job of this. Regardless, I'm a stubborn guy and I'm gonna keep plugging away, for reasons too complicated and inane to recount.

Anyway, here's the Discovery Programme:
Discovery seemed mostly a waste of time last year, but this year's lot appears to be better. I'm most interested in The King and the Clown, but that may be my general interest in Korean cinema more than anything else.

More updates coming soon. Any and all comments are much appreciated, as ever.

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Anonymous said...

Found a bit of info on The Art of Crying from The Tokyo film festival:

It says: "Here comes a rookie director with formidable talent! A young Scandinavian genius tackles Bergmanesque themes of family taboos and relationships with pathos, humor, and a loving eye."