Saturday, August 05, 2006

Midnight Madness Titles

In a break from tradition (or so I'm told), the Midnight Madness titles were announced last month, instead of at the end. In another break, they were announced in the order they would be shown. They are as follows:
From what I've heard, the real winner here is The Host, a South Korean monster movie which has won raves from just about everyone who's seen it. Borat will probably be hilarious and the word is good on Princess, a Danish anti-pornography revenge cartoon. The choices aren't too bad, but there's a definite lack of diversity, with seven of the nine essentially horror films. Compare this to last year, which had a bizarre Thai comedy, a heavy metal documentary, a supremely filthy stand-up comedy film, a Takaski Miike kids' film...well, you get my point.

Still, I'll probably be there for at least a couple of these and there's no way I'm missing a full-audience, midnight showing of The Host.

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